Improve Air Quality in Schools

Nov 9, 2019Uncategorized

With an increased prevalence of asthma and allergies in children, maintaining good air quality in schools is more important than ever before. Using the right cleaning equipment and practices can help reduce absences and keep students healthy.


Be odor neutral: Clean without the chemical smell. Your cleaning products should be odor neutral when possible to create a healthier environment. Detergent-free cleaning keeps students’ and employees’ noses happy and reduces waste.


Reduce airborne particles: Keep air clear by removing trash daily, ensuring that rooms are free of pests and using unscented air fresheners. Capture small particles that can be stirred up by vacuuming by using a HEPA filter with your floor machines to help decrease allergens in the air.


Moisture Control: Controlling moisture is a key component in maintaining healthy air quality. Remove excess moisture around sinks, windows and walls, and clean up spills right away. When cleaning carpets, use less water to reduce the chance of mold growth and odor. Dry carpets faster by using microfiber technology that ensures carpets are clean, dry and ready for use in 30 minutes.


Exposure Control: When scheduling floor stripping or waxing (with the ventilation system functioning) wait until Friday after school. This allows products to off-gas over the weekend while the school is unoccupied. Kelsan offers a variety of Tennant floor stripping products that help you get the job done while maintaining air quality.  Check them out here:


The health and comfort of students and teachers are among the many factors that contribute to learning and productivity in the classroom, which in turn affect performance and achievement. Providing a healthy, comfortable environment is an investment in your students and staff.