KV 21 gallon 500psi No Touch Cleaning Machine

kai2150 MFG #: k2150
  • Description
The KaiVac 2150 is the original No-Touch Cleaning machine. It is designed with the largest capacity and strength for the most demanding of cleaning challenges. It’s perfect for larger jobs or facilities, like airports, stadiums, factories and more. Complete Cleaning for Healthy Results Like all No-Touch Cleaning systems, the KaiVac 2150 is specifcally designed to thoroughly capture and remove soil, bacteria and other harmful indoor pollutants. Each system combines automatic chemical metering and injection, an indoor pressure washer, and a powerful wet vacuum into a single integrated deep cleaning system. As a result, it’s scientifcally proven to be 60 times more exective in reducing bacterial contamination than mops; which are more likely to spread contaminants than recover them. In fact, the KaiVac 2150 cleans so well that it even beats the industry standards for food preparation areas. Besides cleaning better, it also cuts labor and chemical costs while inspiring worker pride.