1. Login on the top left, click on  and enter the provided username & password and click on the  button.
  2. On the next page if prompted, select BILL TO (see A), the address that your invoices are sent. Next, select a SHIP TO (see B), the address that you want your order delivered to.

    Tip 1: If you do not see this page after a successful login, you only have one Ship To listed on the account and it defaults to that address. Skip to the next step.
    Tip 2: If you do not select a shipto then the billto is selected as the default shipping address. Please be aware that some accoutns are set up with PO Box billto addresses. Selecting billto as shipto could end up with your order as undeliverable.

  3. The next page will bring you to the MY DASHBOARD page where you can begin placing your order, manage your account, select a wishlist or other customer related activity.
    Tip 3: You can also go to the dashboard by clicking on MY DASHBOARD from the Main Menu (found on the red bar).

    Tip 4: If you wish to change your password, go to MY ACCOUNT and click on ACCOUNT SETTINGS.
    Tip 5: Articles found under the HELP menu are available for your convenience.


If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to connect with us via chat or email by clicking on the red button on the lower right of the page. If a customer service person is available the button will read as CHAT otherwise it defaults to EMAIL:

You can also email us at customerservice@kelsan.biz, call us at 1 (800) 467-7111 or get in touch with your designated Sales Representative.  We hope you enjoy our new site and the new features that we have to offer.