Approving Orders

1. After logging into the website, click on My Account.

2. If there are orders awaiting for your review and approval, you will see the number of those orders inside a big red box under ‘DASHBOARD’, labeled Order Approval. Click on the red box.

Alternatively, you can get to the Order Approval page by using the dropdown on My Account and selecting the Order Approval sub-menu item.

3. The next page will display a list of orders, click on the order # to review or approve


4. Click on the APPROVE ORDER button on the next page.



5. After approving the order, it will populate the items from that order into your cart. Go to your cart and review the items. In here you can add or remove item and change quantities.

6. After that click submit order, review that the shipto address is correct and then next SUBMIT THE ORDER.

7. Your ORDER APPROVAL process is complete only after you recieve a weborder number.