15" Manual Height Upright Vacuum Cleaner

RM1868621 MFG #: 1868621
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Combine powerful motors and wide cleaning paths for efficient cleaning of high-traffic areas. Both Manual- and Power-Height Upright Vacuum Cleaners support day and night cleaning. Optional HEPA filtration kit ELECTRIC BRUSH ROLL JAM SENSOR shuts down motor to clear vacuum cleaner of socks, rags, or other items EXCELLENT CLEANING PERFORMANCE Industry leading 1.8HP dual motor vacuum provides one pass cleaning LEED POINT-QUALIFIED with CRI Seal of Approval and under 70 dBA quality motor is ready to operate immediately—no waiting for motor to cool QUICK-CONNECT POWER CORD includes a 40’ heavy-duty detachable extension cord QUIET OPERATION supports day and night cleaning in noise-sensitive environments (67.7 dBA) VISUAL LIGHT INDICATORS make cleaning more effective and efficient, telling the user when to replace the bag or to check for a clog or brush roll jam
Carpet and Rug Institute Certified