Battery Rider Burnisher

Reduce your overall cost to clean with more standard features on the B10 Battery Rider Burnisher, including active HEPA dust control, automated burnisher head lift for easy pad changes and 20 percent more horsepower than the leading competitor’s machine. Burnish large and small areas quickly and easily, using the battery ride-on burnisher’s truly free-floating head that delivers uniform burnishing across a 24 in / 610 mm or 27 in / 686 mm path.

  • Experience a pad motor with 20 percent more horsepower than the leading competitor for consistently bright, shiny floors.
  • Ensure safe, indoor sound levels with the battery rider burnisher’s quiet operation.
  • Maintain indoor air quality with standard active 4-stage HEPA dust control filtration.
  • Change the pad safely and easily with the burnisher head’s automated lift and 18-degree side tilt.
  • Eliminate the need for open-battery maintenance and the risk of acid contact with the optional, HydroLink® Battery Watering System.*
  • Battery Charger Type: On-board, Off-Board
  • Head Size: 24 in / 609.6 mm, 27 in / 685.8 mm
  • Machine Height: 55 in / 1397 mm
  • Filtration Type: HEPA
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Pad RPMs: Jusqu’à 1 600 tr/min
  • Sound Level: As low as 69 dBA
  • Pad RPMs: Up to 1600 rpm
  • Estimated Run Time: Up to 3.5 Hours
  • Machine Type: Ride-On
  • Machine Width: 30 in / 762 mm
  • Machine Length: 58.5 in / 1486 mm
  • Productivity: Up to 30000 sq ft / 2787 sq m
  • Max Weight: 1346-1350 lb / 611-612 kg

Reduce Cost to Clean

Maximize productivity and reduce the cost to clean with more standard features and high horsepower performance of the Tennant B10 battery ride-on burnisher.

  • Reach more spaces in less time with 24 in / 610 mm or 27 in / 686 mm burnishing heads and a tight turning radius.
  • Clean more efficiently using a pad motor with 20 percent more horsepower than the leading competitor.
  • Use one machine for many applications and environments by customizing your cleaning speed and down-pressure settings.
  • Save money by decreasing maintenance needs and increasing battery life with the optional HydroLink® Battery Watering System.
  • Reduce training costs with easy-to-understand controls and easy-to-identify yellow maintenance touch points.

Maintain Health & Safety

 Achieve high-performance burnishing results with an ultra-quiet, ergonomic platform that minimizes exposure to dust particles and carbon monoxide fumes. 

  • Maintain indoor environmental air quality using the industry’s only battery rider burnisher with standard active four-stage HEPA dust control.
  • Use the integrated step to easily get on and off the B10 Battery Rider Burnisher then remain comfortable during operation with its ergonomic design.
  • Protect operators from the possibility of acid contact with the optional HydroLink® Battery Watering System.
  • Maintain safe sound levels for operators with the battery rider burnisher’s quiet operation, as low as 69 dBA.
  • Minimize risks related to propane cylinder transportation, storage and handling by choosing a battery rider burnisher over a propane-powered unit.
  • Prevent human exposure to propane fumes by choosing a battery floor burnisher.

Easy Operation & Maintenance

Keep this dependable battery ride-on burnisher ready for action with an integrated on-board charger and QA Controls®.

  • Ensure consistent, repeatable cleaning results using standard QA Controls™ — regulated controls that lock-in preferred settings and can deactivate operator adjustments.
  • Exchange burnisher pads easily with a head that automatically lifts and tilts 18 degrees.
  • Access batteries easily for service or exchange, and upgrade to the optional HydroLink® Battery Watering System to decrease maintenance needs and increase battery life and run time.
  • Charge anywhere with integrated, on-board charger and cord management.
  • Simplify routine maintenance procedures and operator training with easy-to-identify yellow maintenance touch points. 
  • Make tight turns and access elevators easily with the Tennant B10 battery ride-on burnisher’s compact size.