B5 / B7

Battery Walk-Behind Burnishers

Achieve high performance propane-like gloss results with the ultra-quiet, battery-powered B5 and B7 walk-behind floor burnishers. Your facility will benefit from the machine’s optimized down pressure and pad speed, and the environment will benefit from a battery floor burnisher that emits no exhaust emissions and maintains indoor air quality with active dust control and HEPA filtration.

  • Ensure safe, indoor sound levels with the battery floor burnisher’s quiet operation — as low as 63 dBA.
  • Maintain indoor air quality with standard, active HEPA dust filtration.
  • Change the pad from an ergonomic position using the walk-behind floor burnisher’s 90-degree flip-up head.
  • Achieve consistent cleaning performance with optional Set and Forget™ that lets supervisors set the pad down pressure to the optimal level for the facility.
  • Battery Charger Type: On-board, Off-Board
  • Head Size: 20 in / 510 mm (B5), 24 in / 610 mm (B7), 27 in / 690 mm (B7)
  • Machine Height: 43 in / 1092 mm
  • Filtration Type: HEPA/Active Dust Control
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Pad RPMs: Up to 2100 rpm (B5), Up to 1875 rpm (B7)
  • Sound Level: As low as 64 dBA (B5), As low as 63 dBA (B7)
  • Estimated Run Time: Up to 3 Hours
  • Machine Type: Walk-Behind
  • Machine Width: 24.5 in / 622 mm (B5), 30 in / 762 mm (B7), 31.5 in / 800 mm (B7)
  • Machine Length: 59 in / 1499 mm (B5), 61.5 in / 1562 mm (B7), 63 in / 1600 mm (B7)
  • Productivity: Up to 18000 sq ft / 1670 sq m (B5), Up to 25000 sq ft / 2300 sq m (B7)
  • Max Weight: 572 lbs / 259 kg (B5), 797 lb / 362 kg (B7)

Reduce Cost to Clean

Maximize productivity and reduce the cost to clean when you choose an efficient B5 or B7 Battery Walk-Behind Floor Burnisher in a size that matches the demands of your space.

  • Increase productivity with optional Set and Forget™ pad pressure for consistent, repeatable results and the battery floor burnisher’s self-propelled operation to minimize operator fatigue.
  • Eliminate the need for follow-up dust mopping by relying on the battery floor burnisher’s excellent dust control and HEPA filtration.
  • Extend the potential life of your battery using the HydroLink® Battery Watering System.*
  • Reduce downtime training with an easy-to-understand onboard user guide and easy-to-identify yellow touch points.  *HydroLink® is a registered trademark of Trojan Battery Company.

Maintain Health & Safety

Achieve high-performance burnishing results with an ultra-quiet and ergonomic platform that minimizes exposure to dust particles and carbon monoxide fumes. 

  • Maintain safe indoor air quality with active dust control and HEPA filtration making the battery floor burnisher safe to use around students, patients, staff and visitors.
  • Prevent human exposure to propane fumes by choosing a battery floor burnisher.
  • Trust the battery floor burnisher that is ETL listed for the United States and Canada.
  • Minimize risks related to propane cylinder transportation, storage and handling by choosing a battery floor burnisher.
  • Ensure safe sound levels for operators, and clean in noise-sensitive environments with a quiet battery floor burnisher — as low as 63 dBA.
  • Change pads from an ergonomic position with the flip-up had that locks at 90 degrees.
  • Minimize the risk of injury while preventing damage to the machine with the dampening shock on the two-way gas enclosure that prevents slamming.

Enhance Facility Image

Create a welcoming environment with gleaming, polished floors using Tennant’s advanced battery floor burnishers that deliver high performance, propane-like gloss results.

  • Ensure consistent, predictable cleaning results with optional Set-and-Forget™ controls, or optimize down pressure during operation.
  • Minimize burnishing dust in your facility with standard active dust control with HEPA filtration.
  • Maximize shine with the B5 / B7 Battery Walk-Behind Floor Burnishers that use battery power to optimize down pressure and pad speed, delivering propane-like high-gloss results.

Easy Operation & Maintenance

Reduce the need for ongoing maintenance, when compared to a propane-powered burnisher, with a battery floor burnisher and onboard charger engineered by Tennant for safe and easy upkeep.

  • Transport between locations easily and safely thanks to an innovative design and a burnishing head that tilts up and locks at 45 degrees.
  • Center new pads consistently and achieve more uniform results with the 90-degree flip-up head.
  • Install the self-adjusting dust control skirt without tools.
  • Choose from optional longer-run batteries and sealed batteries. 
  • Simplify routine maintenance and operator training with easy-to-identify yellow maintenance touch points. Increase battery life and runtime with optional HydroLink® battery watering for safe and easy battery maintenance.
  • Charge the battery with the hood closed due to compartment venting.

Get Heavy-Duty, Compact Performance

Access elevators and make tight turns with the Tennant B5/B7 Battery Walk-Behind Floor Burnisher that has double-wall roto mold construction for standing up to tough environments.