Orbital Floor Machine

Perform everyday maintenance scrubbing and polishing, or strip floor finish without chemicals using the multipurpose F14 Orbital Floor Machine. Simply choose the Orbital Floor Pad that matches your floor type and cleaning needs, from light cleaning to aggressive scrubbing, and experience consistent results along edges, in corners and on uneven surfaces.

  • Reach corners and other tight spaces with the rectangular scrub head.
  • Remove a little or a lot of floor finish with two 48 lbs / 22 kg weight sets, and add on an additional 24 lbs / 11 kg weight set.
  • Experience comfortable operation with isolators that reduce vibrations to hands.
  • Remove floor finish safely and quickly, without chemicals.
  • Orbital Scrubbing
  • Battery Charger Type: Corded
  • Head Size: 20 in / 510 mm
  • Machine Height: 44.5 in / 1130 mm
  • Filtration Type: Dust Control
  • Power Source: Corded
  • Productivity: No Productivity Rating Available
  • Max Weight: 189 lb / 86 kg
  • Estimated Run Time: Continuous
  • Machine Type: Walk-Behind
  • Machine Width: 20 in / 510 mm
  • Machine Length: 22.75 in / 578 mm
  • Power Cord Length: 50 ft / 15 m
  • Pad RPMs: Up to 1740 rpm
  • Sound Level: As low as 70 dBA

Reduce Cost to Clean

Rely on a Tennant orbital floor machine to efficiently remove floor finish in corners and hard-to-reach areas without costly chemicals.

  • Choose from a variety of Orbital Floor Machine pads for removing vinyl composition tile (VCT) floor finish or performing everyday scrubbing on a variety of surfaces — all with a single machine.
  • Save time and money on total finish replacements, and extend the life of vinyl composition tile floors by removing and replacing only one or two layers of finish at a time.
  • Purchase fewer chemicals by eliminating the finish emulsification process.
  • Strip floor finish evenly across the entire width of the cleaning path.

 Enhance Facility Image

The Tennant F14 Orbital Floor Machine is engineered to provide excellent floor finish removal for consistent refinishing results, plus a compact design that easily reaches into corners and hard-to reach areas, so facilities always look their best.

  • Clean deep into grout lines and other uneven floors with an Orbital Floor Machine and a Green Turf Pad.
  • Perform daily cleaning and maintenance of polished floors with an Orbital Floor Machine and a Scotch-Brite™ Purple Diamond Pad.
  • Prepare wood, vinyl tile, sheet vinyl, marble, terrazzo and concrete floors for fresh, new finish applications using the heavy duty 3M™ Maroon Surface Prep Pad.
  • Remove dirt, spills and scuffs while leaving a clean, prepared surface with 3M™ Blue Scrubbing Pad.
  • Erase scuff marks, black heel marks and light soil with a 3M™ Red Cleaning Pad.
  • Polish and lightly clean floors with minimal dulling of finish using the 3M™ White Polishing Pad.

 Easy Operation & Maintenance

Simplify daily scrubbing and polishing tasks and interim maintenance stripping of floors with a reliable Orbital Floor Machine that delivers the right amount of pressure for the job.

  • Get more cleaning power than standard disk machine with the Orbital’s higher downward pressure.
  • Accomplish large stripping / cleaning projects across multiple days. Clean cut line will show you where you left off.
  • Keep operators comfortably cleaning longer with isolators that reduce handle vibrations.
  • Rely on Tennant’s quality construction as well as TennantTrue® parts and service to keep your Orbital Floor Machine up and running.