Compact Ride-On Sweeper

Providing big productivity and versatility in a compact, battery-powered ride-on sweeper, the S16 delivers exceptional sweeping performance across a variety of surfaces and debris types. Achieve impressive dust control with a multi-stage filtration system and maintain air quality with fume-free operation.

  • Meet your facilities needs with high-dump and low-dump configurations.
  • Achieve consistent cleaning results across various surfaces and debris types with MaxPro™ sweeping technology that provides consistent power to the main brush.
  • Maintain indoor air quality and effectively contain dust with a multi-stage filtration system and fume-free battery operation.
  • Provide an easy operator and maintenance experience with intuitive controls and easy-to-identify yellow touch points.
  • Extend runtime and clean with reduced noise levels with Eco-Mode™.
  • Air Technology / Broom Technology: Broom Technology
  • Application: Indoor, Outdoor, Indoor & Outdoor
  • Dump Type: High Dump (Automatic), Low Dump (Manual)
  • Estimated Run Time: Up to 3.9 hours (Base), Up to 6.5 hours (High-Capacity), Up to 8.5 hours (12.2 kWh Lithium-Ion)
  • Main Brush Dimensions: 32 in / 810 mm
  • Sound Level: As low as 67 dBA
  • Propelling Speed: Up to 5.5 mph / 8.8 km/h
  • Sweep Technology: Overthrow
  • Cleaning Path: 46 in / 1, 170 mm (Single Side Brush), 60 in / 1, 520 mm (Dual Side Brush)
  • Hopper Capacity: 5.3 cubic ft / 150 L
  • Dust Control Systems: Perma-filter (Stage 1), Panel Filter (Stage 2), HEPA Filter (Stage 3, optional)
  • Estimated Coverage/Productivity: Up to 111320 sq ft / 10340 sq m (Single Side Brush), Up to 145200 sq ft / 13490 sq m (Dual Side Brush)
  • Machine Type: Ride-On
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Side Brush Dimensions: 20 in / 510 mm (Diameter)

Reduce Cost to Clean

Reduce your cost of ownership with versatile cleaning performance and quality construction.

  • Minimize the need for multiple passes with excellent sweeping and edge cleaning performance.
  • Increase productivity with a wider sweeping pass when you choose an optional second sweeping side brush.
  • Lower your labor costs by eliminating the need to manually handle swept debris with a powered high dump.
  • Maximize productivity with a wide sweep path and a large hopper capacity.
  • Capture fibers at maximum efficiency with the FiberShield™ lint screen.
  • Prevent damage when sweeping on carpeted surfaces with non-marking skirts.

    Maintain Health & Safety

    Get health and safety benefits for operators, employees and customers with the S16’s innovative features.

    • Help maintain indoor air quality with a multi-stage filtration system and a powerful filter shaker that contain dust generated during the sweeping process.
    • Keep your environment safe with a fume-free cleaning process.
    • Increase safety for various operators when dumping with more ergonomic operation using the VarioHeight™ handle featured on the low dump model.
    • Spend more time cleaning with a timed filter shaker that effectively cleans the filter and ensures optimal dust control with fewer shake-backs.
    • Improve safety and get effective operation in the most severe environments with an optional FOPS certified overhead guard.

      Enhance Facility Image

      Get consistent cleaning results, even in the toughest environments, with the S16’s effective sweeping capabilities.     

      • Achieve consistent cleaning results in both indoor and outdoor applications with MaxPro™ sweeping technology, which provides consistent brush power regardless of surface and debris changes.
      • Get excellent carpet cleaning results with proven performance on carpeted surfaces.
      • Clean parking and loading dock areas effectively with the S16’s impressive ramp climbing capabilities.
      • Extend runtime and clean anytime with reduced noise levels using Eco-Mode™.