Meet "i-mop XL® Scrubber"

The maneuverability of a mop with the cleaning performance of a walk-behind scrubber. The i-mop XL makes it possible to clean any surface with freedom of movement and great ease of use. No borders or boundaries. This machine isn’t just designed for cleaning, it is designed for the cleaner


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Compact 24/7 Air Freshener

Our 2.2 oz. metered air freshener refills contain long lasting fragrances.
Refills will last 15 to 60 days (depending on spray interval setting). Can also be used as a personal hand held air freshener

Restrooms        Offices          Lobbies
Breakrooms       Homes          Kennels

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      Increase Employee Productivity - With Industrial Matting
Keep your employees healthy - Hog Heaven II anti-fatigue mats provide comfort while avoiding stress and fatigue.  They also promote better blood circulation - allowing them to be more productive.

Improve Safety - Hog Heaven II mats are certified slip resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute and have OSHA accepted yellow stripped borders.

Versatile Use - Hog Heaven II mats are available in multiple stock sizes and interlocking tiles.  Recommended for distribution, manufacturing, picking lines, assembly lines, and work stations.

Clorox Healthcare® FuzionCleaner Disinfectant

Now You Can Use Bleach in More Places than Ever Before





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