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Ordering process and inventory a mess? We can help clean it up!

Kelsan’s goal isn’t to sell products, it’s to make you look good by finding the best solutions to any problems you may face.

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The Kelsan story isn’t about us; it’s about our customers and


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We deliver an experience, not just a service. We want to be an extension of your organization, a partner. Kelsan focuses on keeping your facilities clean while reducing hard and soft costs. How, you ask? By developing a plan tailored to your specific needs.

We know time is valuable, which is why we only ask for 30 minutes. During this time, we will conduct a free facility review that yields powerful results and a specific cost savings plan for you. We want to make you look good!

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Spending 30 minutes with us could result in drastic cost savings for your company and valuable time savings for you. Our free facility review is designed to make YOU look good.


What We Offer

National Buying Power Means Reduced Costs

As a member of NETWORK SERVICES, we supply the best and biggest brands in the country with over $10 billion in purchasing power. Being part of NETWORK gives us additional leverage in discounted purchasing to share with you. We find the right product at the right cost for your facility.

FREE Facility Review
with Cost Savings Plan

Low price isn’t everything… what’s important is cost. Unanticipated labor, downtime or inferior products can wipe out the savings of a lower price. We perform, FOR FREE, an onsite assessment of your needs and determine the best plan for savings and efficiencies… giving you Value Beyond Distribution.

Best Single Source for Product Purchasing

We don’t stock a million things you don’t need or care about. We carry the items specific to running your business, allowing us to operate a more efficient supply chain. This means you have a single distribution partner that reduces your overall operating costs.

Proven 70 Years Experience & Passion

While our prices are competitive, the bigger, unquantifiable value we offer is LOVE. Not only do we have the knowledge, resources, and ability to help companies save time and money, we are passionate about loving what we do – making you look good.

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